How to Use

Formulate Your Question

You are encouraged to formulate a question for the cards about your own life. Think about what you most wish to resolve or what is most troubling to you now. Answers from the deck tend to be clearer for imperative questions, so think of the most pressing situations in your life that require consideration at this time. Remember, you can always ask more questions as they arise, so don’t feel pressured to address all your life issues in one sitting! Focus on one and provide your full concentration and energy towards solving that dilemma.

Furthermore, the more specific you are, the clearer the answer will be. Always phrase the question so that it does not involve YES/NO answers. Rather, keep it open-ended and asked in a manner that allows you the opportunity to ultimately solve your problem. For example, if finding your true love is the issue, do not ask whether you will gain a partner or when. Rather, ask how you can prepare yourself. Or how you might bring that person into your life. Open yourself to the possibilities of your own deep wisdom and you can be sure the cards will not let you down.

Pre-Draw Ritual

A small ritual should always precede working with the deck. On a psychological level, rituals attune the mind and allow intuition to have an impact on the draw. Before turning to the Magus for guidance, give the moment a meditative flavor. A candle or incense, flowers, a special cloth for the spreads, or a special time or place lends a ceremonial aspect to the proceedings and prepares you for a fruitful journey to the Shadow Lands.

As a final step, shake your hands out briefly to promote the flow of energy before handling the cards. Imagine passing that energy through to the deck as you shuffle the cards, all while thinking about your question. Divide the cards into three stacks and put them back together any way you wish. Fan the cards out before you on an even surface. Lastly, when selecting a card, remember to always use your left hand, as it is related to the unconscious and intuitive side of the brain.


When considering the nature of the card’s capabilities, it may be helpful to take into account the concept of synchronicity, an expression coined by philosopher and psychologist C G Jung. In his life’s work of studying archetypal images and symbols, Jung repeatedly came up against a phenomenon, namely the inexplicable coincidence of unconnected events, which he called synchronicity. 

If you consider that your entire perception of the exterior world, the totality of your experience, is synchronized with your interior, then the hand with which you draw the cards becomes a channel. The Magus Deck then becomes a go-between and the knowledge that the cards impart at the time you are drawing them is a reflection of your inner world, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and truth.


Morgana's Bow Sample Drawing & Interpretation

  1. Shuffle the cards and concentrate on the issue you wish to resolve.
  2.  Divide the deck into three stacks, then reassemble the deck in any order.
  3. Fan the cards out in front of you.
  4. Using your left hand, select three cards and lay them out in a row. 


An example using Morgana's Bow:

Relationship Question: How may I enhance my current relationship with my significant other? 


The Trickster Magus Card

Card 1: The Trickster

Issue or Essence of the Question: The Trickster tells us that all is not what it appears to be in the relationship. The Seeker would be well advised to examine all that is being said at this time. Something is not what it seems.

Death Magus Card

Card 2: Death

Solution or Way to Resolve the QuestionDeath does not indicate physical death, although in some cases it does call for an ending. Instead, it can mean that closure on some point will gain the Seeker the enhancement necessary to proceed. Perhaps there is an outstanding issue, an old argument or hurt that has not been resolved.

The Magus Card

Card 3: The Magus

The Outcome if You Follow the Advice of Card 2: The Magus is a clear indication that when the advice of the second card is adhered to, the relationship will enjoy improved communication. This in and of itself will greatly enhance the overall situation and lead to a positive result.